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Consulting/Design:  Selecting the best landscapes for your property is based off many factors. These include soil quality, hardiness zones, run-off areas, size of area, amount of sun or shade, season of the year, growth potential, budget, etc. We, at Green Ease L&D plant for now, as well as for the future! We take pride in selecting native plants and watching our work grow for years, becoming everlastingly more beautiful.

Sod/Artificial Turf: There are many factors that go in to consideration when deciding what type of sod is best for your yard.  Let us guide you through the process with ease.  Sometimes, artificial turf may be the best choice.  either way, we have you covered!


IRRIGATION INSTALLATION: The Texas heat can wreak havoc on your lawn and plants!  Working with some of the best local irrigators, we offer state of the art irrigation solutions including complete irrigation systems for the whole property, micro drip systems, and other products that will increase your watering efficiency and save you money over time.


Outdoor Lighting:  Illuminating your outdoor space provides many benefits including, Safety, Functionality and Aesthetics.  We work with an excellent contractor to have your Low-Voltage lighting system installed using industry leading products and materials to ensure your Outdoor space remains safe, functional and beautiful for years to come, day or night. 

 MASONRY: Looking to enhance your property with a stone patio, fire pit, BBQ pit, grill, bar, flower bed, walkway or retaining wall? We have you covered.  Our patios are built to last!!!  We account for the shifting soil and configure our designs based on that.


XERISCAPING: Sick of having to water? Especially in this central Texas heat? We completely understand. Let us select the BEST options for stone, Mulch, decomposed granite, or a Combination.  Don't forget about choosing native, drought-tolerant plants that will be low maintenance and if needed- non-toxic to pets.  Other plant requirements may include deer-resistant and/or cold-tolerant with these surprising winter freezes we have been receiving. 


LEVELING/GRADING: Whether you need the front yard leveled for sod placement or the back yard leveled for an above ground pool; rest assured the job will be done right with Green Ease L&D.


DRAINAGE/EROSION CONTROL: The old adage, "When it rains, it pours" reigns true to Texas. We install french drains and offer other erosion and water control methods.

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